about me

I am the owner and artist, Brandon Saunders, and I offer clients intricate and skillful tattooing in styles that range from traditional to innovative. With nearly seventeen years experience, I bring a well-trained, artistic eye to all of my tattoo art. I do mostly custom work here in Richmond and my designs are sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate, and always personal. My works are inspired by a wide range of artists from Hokusai to Virgil Finlay and fellow tattoo artists like Chris O’donnell, Tim Lehi, Timothy Hoyer and Matt Brotka.

Tattooing has been my life-long passion and I am devoted to the art. I was taught to strive for perfection and settle for excellence. In addition to my technical skills and artistry, I have fun tattooing. I like to make sure that my clients are comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the tattoo experience as much as I do. Anybody who knows me appreciates the fact that there is not much I would rather be doing than tattooing.