Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos on average take 7-10 days to heal. For best results, continue using lotion and sun block daily. UV rays will compromise the integrity of your tattoo. One good sunburn can fade your artwork dramatically!

  • Leave bandage on overnight for first night
  • Gently remove bandage in the morning
  • Soak area in a hot bath/shower to allow pores to open
  • Gently wash with mild soap, e.g. Dial or Ivory
  • Use only unscented, mineral oil free ,reteinol free lotion (Cetaphil cream recommended)
  • Apply lotion two or three times daily
  • DO NOT pick or peel tattoo during healing process. (if itching occurs pat softly)
  • DO NOT go in chlorinated or salt water. Avoid stagnate water as well.
  • DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight while healing.

Following these instructions will ensure that your tattoo will look brilliant for decades to come.